The Lasting Life Change Coach

Are you ready to stop making excuses and start creating change?

As The Lasting Life Change Coach I work with you to identify and anchor essential lasting life changes.

Working with me, you control what you need to be free from to fully and completely step into being the professional, entrepreneur, partner, parent, friend you set out to be!

How Can I Help?

You get all the benefits of my direct experiences, plus the huge volume of scientific findings, research and training on optimum brain development and functioning I have devoured.

What changes do you want?


Increased focus, productivity and clarity.


Confidence in your knowledge skills and expertise.


Knowing you are able to create a solid income.


Lasting, harmonious professional and personal relationships.


Balanced stress, physical wellbeing and good mental health.


To be the calm, connected, patient parent you planned to be.

How long are you prepared to wait for these changes?

Let’s talk about what you want right now

Why Me?

Come and learn some more about me and my experiences that have led me to become The Lasting Life Change Coach

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