Why must our Leaders be emotionally healthy?

Why must our Leaders be emotionally healthy? 150 150 Jane Evans

Why are Leaders in charge of everyone’s emotions?

The emotional health and regulation of everyone in any organisation automatically comes from the top. As soon as the Leader enters the building, everyone starts to tune into the emotions that’ll be OK to express today. Will it be frustration, annoyance, false positivity in the face of difficulties? Team members quickly notice which of these are allowed, even valued, by the Leaders.

An invisible connection to a Leader’s emotional state spreads like wildfire throughout a setting. Becuase humans have an amazing natural ability to automatically tune into the emotional energy of others, especially ones they depend upon for anything (just like picking up wifi via auto login). Why? Because at a level below consciousness, everyone feels more at ease if the person in charge of resources is in a good mood. It’s a basic survival requrement wired into humans. Keep the Leader happy if you can!

Why put your emotional health at the top of the list?

As a Leader, how emotionally balanced and healthy do you feel? If you are either unaware of your emotions, which is quite common as many of us are disconnected from our own feelings most of the time. Or maybe you know only too well that you are struggling to feel calm, grounded, focused and to be able to hold the worries, anxieties, frustrations, fears, over, or under-excitement of the rest of the team, let alone any one else.

Unfortuanely, however hard you try to hide it. This uncertainty and sense of overwhelm will be radiating out of you, and seeping into everything and everyone, even your emails! Thus creating an atmosphere of emotional uncertainty which no organistion benefits from. Mainly because most humans are wired to prefer predictability and stability. Basically, emotional uncertainty is like a consistently bad smell.

If your emotional health isn’t a priority, then it’s unrealistic to expect to have the capacity to authentically listen to and hold the emotions of others. You may find yourself emotionally depleted or exhausted and repeatedly side-stepping the feelings of those around you. Or you’re slipping into false positivity, and at other times, shutting others down, so they feel unheard, undervalued and unheld. Often leading to them feeling stressed, fed up and possibly looking for another job.

As visionary thinker and best selling author Simon Sinek says,

“The real job of a Leader is not about being in charge, its about taking care of those in our charge.”

Becoming an emotionally healthy Leader

Imagine being a Leader who finds it easy to track and regulate your own emotional state. Consistently bringing yourself, and your whole orgainsation, back into emotional balance and coherence. If you are a school or early year’s Leader you could create an environment where every child feels emotionally held, because every member of your team does too. Which means everyone enjoys a strong sense of emotional connection, mattering and being seen, and can then relax and engage in being curious, tapping into their natural desire to learn and to experiencing enriching relationships with the children and adults around them.

Being able to check, adjust and develop a consistently emotionally healthy evironment, simply because you have it within yourself. Will mean that as the children, parents and carers arrive, they’ll feel a sense of relief. Getting the subconsious message that their emotions matter and will be seen, held and heard in a safe, respectful way, which supports everyone’s emotional health, as the foundation for learning, physical wellbeing, friendships,partnerships and much more.

What if emotionally healthy Leadership is way out of your comfort zone?

Not being tuned into your emotions may have gotten you this far so let’s not knock it! But as a Leader it’s only sustainable at the cost of your health, your Team’s health, your family or partner’s wellbeing, and of course the children’s. This may NOT be good news but it is a reality.

Emotional intelligence guru and global expert Daniel Goleman tells us,

“While most people recognize that a leader’s mood—and how he or she impacts the mood of others—plays a significant role in any organization, emotions are often seen as too personal or unquantifiable to talk about in a meaningful way. But research in the field of emotion has yielded keen insights into not only how to measure the impact of a leader’s emotions but also how the best leaders have found effective ways to understand and improve the way they handle their own and other people’s emotions.

Understanding the powerful role of emotions in the workplace sets the best leaders apart from the rest—not just in tangibles such as better business results and the retention of talent, but also in the all-important intangibles, such as higher morale, motivation, and commitment.”

Ready to become an emotionally healthy Leader?

With you in mind I have created a uniquely innovative, highly effective, Emotionally Healthy Leadership Coaching Programme. It uses a ground-breaking technique created by Dr Melanie Salmon, designed to bring real change quickly.

The Emotionally Health Leadership provides you with:

Six tailor-made intensive coaching sessions which will identify, remove and upgrage any blocks you hold to easily recognising your emotions, and being able to express them in a measured, balanced way.

The benefits will be that you will be able to:

Set the right tone in your organisation to foster growth and innovation

Sustain your mental and physical wellbeing and perfomance

Be better able to support your team’s emotional needs, health and performance

Consistently create a whole setting environment of connection, community and can-do.

Session One – Clarifying emotional intelligence, and areas to develop and upgrade, and linking this to a whole setting approach.

Sessions Two to Six – Increasing your emotional health, regulation and balance using the ground-breaking Quantum Energy Coaching Technique.

We will use each session to identify the beliefs you hold around your emotions and other peoples so as to expand your capacity to feel your feelings in a healthy way. To be able to not react to them immediately, or become shut down or overwhelmed by them. So you are a consistently safe and healthy container and regulator of  the emotions of others in your care, who are directly impacted by your Leadership.

Sessions available online (evenings or early morning)

Book your free consultation call today to explore your specific desired outcomes and needs.

E: janeevans61@hotmail.co.uk

M: 07455281247

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself.

When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”

– Jack Welch

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Jane Evans

Jane is a ‘learn the hard way’ person. She has learnt from her personal experiences and her direct work with people who have often been in really bad places emotionally, relationally, practically and sometimes professionally.

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